Aamir Khan son Junaid Khan Movie Maharaj News

Aamir Khan son Junaid Khan Maharaj Movie News:

It is strange that the court case that usually comes with theatrical releases like the controversial ‘Maharaj’ is coming to an OTT movie this time and it is another twist that this is happening for the debut of Aamir Khan’s successor Junaid Khan. A few days ago some Hindu representatives stopped the streaming which was supposed to take place on Netflix saying that their sentiments were going to be hurt. After hearing the arguments, the Gujarat court itself saw the movie and ruled that there were nothing but minor objections. It was released silently yesterday without any rush. Let’s see if there is really such a thing in Maharaj, which has sparked so much controversy.


Director Siddharth P Malhotra has directed it based on the Maharaj libel case that took place in 1862. Karshan Das (Junaid Khan), who feels a social responsibility as a journalist, is determined to tell the world the hidden side of JJ alias Maharaj (Jaideep Ahlawat), who is considered a god by the locals. Through the paper, Jeje exposes the way in which Jeje is deceiving innocent people and girls under the guise of religion. The matter will reach the court. Maharaj is the original story of how Karshan Das stood up to the system and won even though the circumstances were not in his favour.


Based on the book written by Saurabh Shah, Maharaj is produced by the famous Yash Raj Films. Siddharth, who took the setting of a hundred and fifty years ago, struggled to make it interesting. Although there is a good weight on the point of exposing the dark world of JJ Alias Maharaj as a reporter, the screenplay falls flat due to weaknesses. Although the courtroom drama is well written, the audience doesn’t feel anything special as they have seen a lot of these in recent times. Jaideep and Sharwari gave good performances while Junaid just seemed okay. Maharaj, who gave so much build-up, was left disappointed at the end.

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